Winter Activities – Park City


While skiing and snowboarding are the main focus in Park City during the winter months, the snowy season actually has a whole lot more to offer when looking for great activities for you and your family. Maybe your dream vacation involves snowshoeing through panoramic valleys surrounded by snowy white peaks, or heading out on a guided adventure with some furry four legged friends. Whichever adventure suits you, Park City offers plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors without racing down a mountain. For those who prefer to stay inside, Park City is a vibrant cultural hub with no shortage of great spas, museums, restaurants, and watering holes. Check out our guide below for all of the great winter activities in Park City!



Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to explore this wintertime paradise without the need to strap skis on your feet. One of Park City’s best attributes are its virtually endless acres of public open space. Whether you’re looking for a more mellow hike down in the valley, or a guided adventure through the mountains and forests, snowshoeing is sure to leave everyone with lots of smiles and great memories. It’s also a great way to exercise! With numerous rental shops and a large number of guiding services, Park City will make getting out into the snow a breeze on your next visit! Up for a real adventure? Bundle up and try out a guided moonlight snowshoe tour!

Dog Sledding:

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It probably goes without saying that dog sledding is at the top of every true dog lover’s bucket list. For this reason, we highly recommend trying out a dog sledding tour on your next visit to Park City! This is a great activity for smaller groups or those with children! In fact, dog sledding is probably one of the most fun and unique ways to explore this winter wonderland. You and your group will be all smiles as you try to figure out if you or the dogs are having more fun on your snowy journey. As any tour operator will tell you, these highly energetic dogs just can’t wait to run with their pack!

Snow Tubing:

Snow tubing is hands down the fan favorite when it comes to activities with kids. There’s no expensive gear to buy, struggling to get them into lessons, and virtually anyone can take part in the activity. Park City is a great hub for snow tubing and you can choose from a number of locations that fit your day’s agenda. Most tubing hills include a tube rental and access to a cable-pulley system to get you to the top of the slope. Enjoy sitting back and lounging in the winter sun as your kids laugh for hours as they swoosh and slide down a snowy hillside.


Spa Wellness Day:

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Park City has evolved in recent years to become a mecca for those seeking the benefits of a luxurious ski experience combined with the modern day rustic charm of an old western mining town. Fortunately, this has led to the development of numerous spas and retreats within the town and surrounding area. This would be the perfect stop for those looking for a relaxing day of rest or maybe even a day off after a long week of hitting the slopes. No matter what relaxing treatment you seek, there’s a spa or wellness center for you. Park City also has a number of gyms and fitness centers that are a great stop before hitting the spa!

Bars and Restaurants:

Park City’s rise in popularity has led to a wildly unique and high level food scene complete with all the bars, breweries, and distilleries you could hope for. Whether you’re in the mood for tapas or are heading out with a large group to find a brewery tour, Park City has no shortage of ways to let your inner foodie out!

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